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Amazon Select Paints
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Name1gal priceIn stock 5gal priceIn stock
Autumn Mist$14.7558 $54.7525
Chocolate Brown$14.7560 $54.7534
Desert Beige$14.7558 $54.7526
Forest Green$14.7551 $54.7523
Garden Sage$14.7528 $54.7527
Ice Blue$14.7596 $54.7530
Island Sand$14.7562 $54.7540
Ivory White$15.50216 $58.75160
Merlot Red$14.7555 $54.7525
Mocha$14.7541 $54.7514
Oak Moss$14.7523 $54.7520
Primer$12.75232 $48.00141
Safari Tan$14.7539 $54.7520
Slate$14.7588 $54.7542
Stony Gray$14.7573 $54.7546
Swiss Almond$14.7545 $54.7516
Tawny Beige$14.7544 $54.7531
Vintage Buff$14.7538 $54.7534
Whipped White$15.50290 $58.75183
Gray Primern/an/a $36.60OUT

We stock Amazon Select™ Paints. These are premium quality, eco-friendly latex paints. They’re manufactured from quality, surplus paint that Amazon collects from government, business, and consumers.

Amazon's paint reprocessing system guarantees that every gallon sold meets strict specifications for color, gloss, viscosity and coverage.

Amazon Select meets or exceeds the performance specifications of national paint brands.

  • Interior or Exterior Application
  • Drywall, Wood, Stucco, Masonry
  • Twelve Standard Colors Available in a Flat Finish

*Our color range varies—we're not able to carry all colors at all times.

All paint sales are final, no returns or exchanges.